Training Free Vs Pro version comparison

Features Free Version Pro Version
Create and manage Modules
Create and manage Lessons
Create and manage Exercises with time periods
Admin can assign & remove courses to any user
Easy re-ordering of Courses, Modules, Lessons by Admin
Admin can track Course Progress of any user
Add additional Help links, Images & Videos
User can "submit project" or "marked completed" after learning any course
Manage course authors
Manage course categories & subcategories
Course filter option(by category & subcategory)
Social sharing(Facebook & Twitter)
PayPal Integration
Stripe Integration
Customizable Email Templates
Create Unlimited Courses
Create Paid Courses
Take Courses Reviews from user's on "Single Click"
Make Survey forms for "Each" Courses
Social sharing(Google+, Linkedin)
Course rating by user
Course filter option(by popular & latest)


Training – Courses’ is an eLearning authoring tool. With this plugin, you can simply sell, engaging online courses. It can manage courses, modules, lessons, and exercises. It works excellent for health and fitness courses, music courses, real estate courses, coding learning courses, and much more.

With the help of ‘Training – Courses’, you can quickly change your WordPress into a robust learning management system. ‘Training – Courses’ is an excellent solution for selling and sharing your expertise. It lets you compose free and paid courses. To generate various courses, you will require the paid version of this plugin. As the free version only allows you to make 5 courses.

A closer look at the features


Manage unlimited courses and register students or let them register themselves.

Publish the course description font-work-diss on your site to promote subscribes.

Students can pay by different payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe.

Manage the extensive number of lessons in each course.

Lessons support rich text, media and plugin contents just like any other WordPress post or page.

Add notes, Help links, Additional Images, and Videos to student’s solutions to help them resolve the queries.

Allows you send and receive automated email notices about several actions like enrollments, course completion, etc. by using email templates.

Admin can send the survey forms to students to rate the courses and lessons and feedback messages about them.

Holds a discussion board feature.

Offers both free and paid courses.

Presents a way to keep track of each student’s performance. Both free and paid courses.

Training Set up


This is the training set up section. Here you can Create New Course and while creating it, you need to fill some required information like course title, description, and course type.

You can also edit, manage, view and delete your course by using their appropriate buttons. You can also Re-Order course number after clicking on Re-Order Courses button.


Training Set up

You can create new, edit, delete and manage modules under Courses Section

Choose the course you want to manage

Manage Course.

While creating a new Module you need to enter a title for the module, enter any external link you may want to add and enter the module description.


Manage Module

You can create new, edit, delete and manage lessons under Modules.

Manage Module.

A lesson can be text, video or audio. Just simply copy and paste your link of the video to lesson content to show.


Add new exercise

You can also add new exercise in your lesson under Manage Module. While creating new exercise in your module, you need to write the title, description, time in hours to complete that exercise and help notes.

You can also Re-Order and move lessons after clicking on Re-order and Move Lessons button simultaneously.



It’s setting section for admin, where he can put some important details like social media account links or any other details which will display to the user in its curriculum.